What is Votify?


Votify is a free photo based social voting app that allows you to snap pictures, ask a question and crowdsource votes from your friends, followers or the Votify community to help you make an important life decision.

Votify is set up to allow you total control over who can see and vote on your questions. Open your question up to the entire Votify community or create a private question that only a select group of your friends can view and vote on.

Vote durations can be configured to last from as little as 15 minutes up to a full month. Get a fast answer while out in a shop or allow votes to flood in over time to make a more measured decision.

  • Upload 1 to 4 images
  • Ask a Question
  • View realtime votes and comments
  • Get the final result

Why use Votify?

Votify is incredibly addictive fun! Get anonymous answers from your friends!

Votify does not disclose which option you selected when voting on others’ questions. Your friend will know you voted but not which option you selected ensuring you never get in trouble for voting honestly.

Use the Votify “flash” vote feature and get answers in as little as 15 minutes to help you make a quick decision while you are out shopping. Set up your question so that only a select group of your friends can see it and they will get a push notification that you are in need of help… quick!


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